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WIP Wednesday – A Project For Me

How is everyone’s week going?  Putting the finishing touches on all those Christmas presents?

I think I am just going to have to admit defeat and buy all the gifts I need to instead of making them like I intended.  Work has been crazy busy and by the time I get home I am exhausted.  Today I came home and slept for an hour which I have never done!  It didn’t help that I was not feeling very well.

Needless to say I haven’t had much motivation to do anything.  Last night I started one of my many kits from FreshStitches.  I started the Mal the Duck because my eyes were hurting after staring at a computer all day.  I could not focus on the black stitches of the top hat.

Ever wondered what you get in one of the kits from FreshStitches?  I think I will make this kit next after Mal.  It is Nel the Tiny Owl.  I think kit is about time I made one for myself.

Kit Contents

I love that you get everything you need in one little bag, the pattern, yarn and the safety eyes.  In New Zealand it is very difficult to buy worsted weight yarn.  I always wanted to try it to see what I was missing and these kits have been perfect for that.  The wool yarn that is in the kits is really nice to work with and I do miss it when I go back to using acrylic yarn which is what has the best range of colours.

WIP Wednesday

That is all from me today.  Good luck with finishing any last-minute Christmas present you might be making.

(Looking for a Christmas themed pattern?  Go to FreshStitches blog for a special discount code valid until Friday)

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WIP Wednesday – Snowman Progress

I am making slow process on the Snowman for the FreshStitches CAL.  I don’t think I will make the December 12 deadline but I am going to try to finish him off by FO Friday.

Snowman WIP

Just a word of advice, if you have kittens that are 9 weeks old, 1) do not introduce them to yarn on the first day you bring them home and 2) do not leave a ball of bright orange yarn unattended while going to look for scissors to cut the yarn to finish off a carrot nose.   I may or may not have had to redo the last round of a nose after coming back to find to little girls playing with it!

WIP Wednesday

I still have the stick arms, the top hat and the cowl to finish.  I am thinking of making the cowl in red and green for Christmas.  Any other suggestions?

Be sure to check of Tami’s Amis Blog for more work in progress.


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WIP Wednesday – It’s a Moose!

Can you believe it is December already?  I know I can’t.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you will know that I have this problem where I start projects and make all the pieces only to stop when I have to stitch the pieces together.

So this weeks WIP will not be a surprise.

Moose WIP

This should be (when I finally stitch him together) Mostyn Moose by Patchwork Moose.  All her patterns are really cute.  The fact that I can’t seem to finish this guy is not a reflection on the pattern, I will be buying and making more of Patchwork Moose’s patterns.  I can never resist a cute pattern.

WIP Wednesday

I know that once I start stitching it is never as bad as I am expecting but that doesn’t help me start.

I hope that by posting on WIP Wednesday I might be able to finally pick up the needle and sew him up!

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WIP Wednesday – Snowman Time

So this week I have been finishing off some top-secret gifts for a Christmas swap so I can’t show you them just in case the spoilee in the swap reads this post.


If you haven’t figured out by now, I have a serious case of startitis.  I keep starting projects and take forever to finish.  What is one more?

FreshStitches is running a Snowman-A-Long until 12th December.  The best thing about this pattern is you can choose your own combination of parts to create a unique snowman just for you.


How do you choose?  I can never decide so I thought I would pull the options out of a hat and see what happens.  I did this for the Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure pattern and I was really happy with the results.

What did I come up with: Top Hat, Stick Arms, Cowl, Coal Smile and Plastic Buttons.  I am not sure about the cowl but it is what came out of the hat so I will go with it.  Everything else I am happy with.  Now I just have to start stitching.

WIP Wednesday

Is anyone else stitching up a snowman?  What options would you choose?

Be sure the check out Tami’s Amis Blog to see what others are working on.

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WIP Wednesday – Panda Jellybean

When I started this blog I did a stocktake of all my WIPs.  I am ashamed to say that many of them are still sitting in their WIP containers.  In one of my procrastinating moments from study I decided that by the end of the year I wanted to have finally turned those WIPs into FOs.  If I am right, I only have 2 more to finish!!

This guy is just about as old as this blog.  I don’t want to think about how long he was a WIP because there is not reason.  I love the pattern just as I love all PlanetJune patterns.  Technically the Giant Panda is now a FO but I realised that I never showed you him.

Giant Panda WIP


I love this photo because it really shows off the shaping of the pattern.  Doesn’t he look like a jellybean?

WIP Wednesday

I really need to remember to take WIP photos.  I get carried away with making the project I seem to forget until it is too late.

So is anyone else willing to admit that they have too many WIPs that really need to be completed?

If you are looking to have more WIPs then head on over to Tami’s Amis Blog to get some inspiration.


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WIP Wednesday – Holiday Project

I love the kits from FreshStitches.  I love that there is everything you need in one little bag (except for the stuffing).  This makes it perfect to take on holiday since you don’t have to carry around multiple balls of yarn for a project.

Nelson the Owl kit on Maraetai beach

I just got back from a week-long holiday in Auckland yesterday.  It was fantastic to get away after a very busy semester at University and lets not even talk about the exams other than I am pleased they are over with for the year.  I decided to take the Nelson the Owl kit with me.  I knew I wouldn’t get much time to work on it but I did get a few rounds done sitting next to one of my favourite beaches (near Maraetai).  I am suffering a little bit now with sunburn but it was worth it.  I have taken heaps of photos so expect to see them in a future post when I get a chance to sort through them all.

WIP Wednesday

A week was not long enough, I am already saving to go back next year!  Must remember to put more sunscreen on next year.

What has everyone been working on lately?  Check out Tami’s Amis Blog to get inspired.

Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to come back on Friday to see a long-awaited FO!


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WIP Wednesday – Gecko 90% done?

It’s hump day Wednesday!! The downhill slide to the weekend 🙂 I can’t wait.

I still haven’t finished the Gecko.  To be honest I am not sure I have really done much since last week.  It has been busy at University with assessments.  I had a Statistics test last week, Economics test today, a case study assignment to write for Marketing that is due tomorrow (just this minute finished writing) and next week I have a test for Commercial Law.  Phew!  The good news is that after all that is a 2 week study break which I can’t wait for.

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