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Merry Christmas

Merry Xmas 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!  However you celebrate at this time of year I hope you have a great time, even it is just playing with the wrapping paper.

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Meet My Little M and M

2 weeks ago tomorrow we welcomed into our house 2 little balls of fluff

Molly and Marley hugging while sleeping.

Molly and Marley hugging while sleeping.

They are now about 9 weeks old.  The tabby one is called Marley (after Bob Marley’s family) and the grey one is called Molly (after Molly Rhone, the President of the International Netball Federation – she is a Jamaican).  Marley + Molly = M and M.  Both girls are from the same litter and have been inseparable for the last 2 weeks.  They do EVERYTHING together!

I promise not to turn into the crazy cat lady who only posts photos of their cats, but I can’t guarantee they won’t appear the odd time or two.

Over the weekend I was searching through Ravelry to find patterns for cat toys to make for them this Christmas.  Here are a few of the patterns that I am trying to decide between.

Mouse Toy by Stephanie Garcia
(Photo Credit: Stephanie Garcia (Kawaii Gurumi)

Swirly Mice Toy for Cats -  pattern by Julie Oparka

Swirly Mice Toy for Cats – pattern by Julie Oparka

Tiny Whale – pattern by June Gilbank (PlanetJune)

Crinkle Ball Cat Toy by June Gilbank (PlanetJune)
(Photo Credit: June Gilbank)

(Click on the pictures above to go to the website for the patterns.)

I made the swirly toy last year for Tabs who is sadly no longer with us.  I have given it to Marley and Molly and it has almost been destroyed in 2 weeks.  I am thinking I need something with a long tail or I can attach to a stick because their claws are getting really sharp!

Does anyone else have cat who they make toys for?  Do you have any suggestions about what else I can make for these 2 little trouble makers?

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