FO Friday – Fabric Pencil-Case

09 Aug

I thought I would show you something different today instead of knitting or crochet projects.  I found some fabric that I fell in love with in the fabric store and knew I had to get it.  It was only a fat quarter so I couldn’t do a lot with it but it was perfect for a pencil-case.  It took awhile but I finally got out the sewing machine and got sewing.

So you might be wondering what on earth is that bird.  Well, it is a Pukeko which is a native bird in New Zealand – it could be another very similar bird but I am going to stick with it being a Pukeko.

Pukeko Fabric

When I was living in Auckland I would drive past a nest every day on my way to work/university.  It became a bit of a game to spot a Pukeko every morning.  Since moving to Christchurch I have only seen them once which was the other day when I had to slow down for 2 of them to cross the road.  I do miss seeing them because they really are funny to watch.  Check out this video with them featured in an advert for an electricity company in New Zealand – I love the way the baby Pukeko’s walk!

Pukeko Case

For the pencil-case I used the pattern for the Zipper Pouch from the Craftsy Bag-Making Basics: Reversible Tote & Zipper Pouch.  This is a free class but I think it is just as good as one you would pay for.  I watched the videos a long time ago so just followed the downloadable pattern instructions.  I got so carried away making it that I forgot to take photos which is why I haven’t posted about it on WIP Wednesday.

I really like the way it opens up and you can fit a lot of stuff in it.  It is lined with black fabric to hide any dirt.  I think I will make another one for my hexipuff supplies but I need to make it just a bit longer to fit the needles.

FO FridayThat is all from me today.  If you had never heard of a Pukeko before, you learned something new today.  If you don’t get my fascination with the bird that is OK.  They are a bird that you need to see in real life to fall in love with.

Be sure to check out Tami’s Amis Blog for more finished projects.



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3 responses to “FO Friday – Fabric Pencil-Case

  1. Regula

    August 9, 2013 at 11:48 pm

    You’ve got some funny birds over there. The fabric is great and also the purse. 🙂

  2. chrisknits

    August 9, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    Cute pouch. And darling baby birds, too funny.

  3. kathleen

    August 10, 2013 at 1:52 am

    Great little case. We have wild turkeys around here (New England) and they are anything BUT cute. They travel in gangs and take up the whole street at times and they have been known to chase people and peck at them. Give me a pukeko any day;)


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