Hexi Monday – February Update

04 Mar

Happy Monday everyone.  It has been awhile since I updated you on my Hexipuff progress.  So since today is the first Monday of the month I thought I would show you the Hexipuffs I made during February.

February Hexis

As you can see I fell well short of the goal of 1 per day.  I hate to think how many I need to make to be able to reach the goal of 1 per day for the whole year.  The really sad thing is that 4 of these puffs were made in 1 night while I watched the Twenty20 Cricket match between New Zealand and England.  The match was around 4 hours long so I averaged about 1 an hour.

I may need to change my goal but I am a believer in aiming high.  If I fall short then I have at least made some progress.  I might see if I can reach double figures this month!  Be sure to check back in a month to find out.

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Posted by on March 4, 2013 in Hexi Monday, Knitting


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